Digital Transformation Guide

Digital transformation integrates every level and function in a modern business. Smart technology provides organizations with the essential tools to survive and thrive.

Challenges for Enterprises in the digital age.

  • Business Models & Methods Changed by Technology.
  • Customers are becoming more and more savvy. Information transforms from relationship to transparent competitive market.
  • The traditional management model has experienced difficulties in scaling up.
  • Governance information and Data are fragmentary, decision making is not timely and inaccurate.
  • Not diversified Sales channels and market access
  • Staff retention is unstable, Costs increase every year but Labor productivity has not increased commensurately.
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Digital technology, with effective improvements and outstanding achievements, has helped leaders seize competitive advantages to be more proactive in orienting, operating the business and accessing the market.

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

The main substance of Digital Transformation is the change from working from experience to working with information driven by data

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Developing Digital Technology application goals for Growth Strategy

Xây dựng mục tiêu ứng dụng Công nghệ cho Chiến lược phát triển

What are the obstacles to Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is both a business transformation and a company-wide change management project. In fact, digital transformation projects fail or stall, rarely for technical reasons – There is almost always a cultural issue in them. In reports and articles from McKinsey and others, we know that poor planning, wrong goal setting, and unclear strategy are the cause of most conversion failures.

How to successfully transform to Digital Technology?

The digital revolution puts your business up to the challenge of having no choice but to transform.

However, there is no easy transition, the transition from the traditional management model to the system administration has great challenges and risks for the Enterprise. Especially the process of implementing ERP Enterprise Management System.

Làm thế nào để chuyển đổi Công nghệ số thành công?

Preparation for Digital Transformation

Determine your starting point

Check your existing systems and assets. Is your ERP modern and scalable or still running on database disk memory? To get your project off the ground early, first look for the processes in your business that have a high operational priority and have the least complicated transition path.

Build your deployment roadmap

A major transformation roadmap will allow for agility and growth, but start with one that has a few strong and achievable goals. Build a migration and change management strategy firmly into your plan – digital transformation is as much a human journey as a technological one. These are important first steps. Seek assistance from specialized professionals who understand your unique needs and can help chart the best course for your business.

Define your priorities

Don't plan a marathon before you've even crossed the starting point. The beauty of digital transformation is that it doesn't have to happen all at once. Like building blocks, smart technology is designed to grow, scale, and integrate.

Prepare your team

Smart technology can help reduce repetitive and tedious tasks, improve employee engagement, and facilitate collaboration. But these benefits can only be realized when all of your people are on board.
Learn from their input and ideas, openly address their concerns and give them time to change. Help your teams change so they are ready for the new technology.



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